Nicaraguan Auto Insurance

Car Insurance in NicaraguaAuto insurance in Nicaragua works reasonably well and even the most common makes, like Toyota or Hyundai, should be individually quoted with all the insurance companies to obtain the best rates and policy conditions. Some Nicaraguan Insurance companies offer promotions or special policy discounts which are not well promoted or published to the public.

Fleet discounts are offered by most Nicaraguan  Company underwriters and begin with a minimum of five (5) vehicles insured under one policy.

Brands such as Ford, Chevy, Volkswagen, BMW, Mercedes, and  Izuzu are often charged more premiums, and/or have higher deductibles.

Nicaraguan auto insurance available includes:

  • Collision coverage for your car
  • Rental reimbursement coverage
  • Liability insurance
  • Extraterritorial coverage*
  • Medical payments for occupants
  • Robbery**

*Extraterritorial coverage is used when a person drives an insured vehicle to another country such as Costa Rica or Honduras.

** Robbery coverage in Nicaragua only covers the total robbery of the vehicle. Therefore, it does not provide coverage for stolen hubcaps nor fog lamps.


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