About Us


At CSISA, when it comes to insurance, we strive to help our clients make the best decision. We don’t sell insurance policies; we offer our clients concrete examples of whatwhy, and how much insurance they really need.

Here at CSISA, we feel that this transparent approach will benefit our clients the most, rather than if we just “sold” them the policy.

Customer support is a phrase that has lost its meaning in modern business. It is frustrating when you go in search of a solution and don’t get answers. At CSISA, we want to distinguish ourselves from this mediocrity.

We believe that the customer and services are fundamental, they are our purpose. All the CSISA Team puts their effort into providing our clients a service that exceeds their expectations, thus guaranteeing their wellbeing and the future growth of our agency.

Lucía Caldera

CSISA is pleased to count Lucía Caldera Solórzano, as one of our professional insurance consultants. Lucia, a Managua native, was educated at Loyola University in Business Administration and works with many of our larger corporate accounts. Drawing on her past experience in the overseas diplomatic core, and as the General Manager of a Nicaraguan window manufacturer, she understands the concerns and issues that business in Nicaragua confront on a daily basis. Her professional work is centered on property insurance, individual medical and group health insurance.

The fact that Lucia’s insurance knowledge base is bilingual is a great help to CSISA clients who may not speak Spanish or local insurance underwriters who may not speak English. Time management is key to Lucia’s personal life as she is the mother of 3 boys, and a exercise enthusiast. Utilizing her free time to unwind, Lucia can be found at the swimming pool where she swims a mile a day, six days a week, frequently baking local specialty deserts like Tres Leches, and reading biographies.

Gabriela Rosales

Gabriela Rosales, a native of Managua, is from one of Nicaragua’s most respected families, one that has achieved excellence in the private sector. Gabriela services a broad range of English and Spanish speaking clientele for CSISA, and her international business experience and calm professionalism is much appreciated by our clients.

Educated in the United States and Spain (BA in Marketing) and (MBA), Ms. Rosales’ experience at the helm of two export companies brings real world business savvy to our insurance clients. Gabriela past work experience includes responsibilities as an account executive, where she was responsible for freight forwarding for free trade zone companies and coffee producers who export to Europe. As operations manager for the sustainable dry fruit producer Sol Simple, Gabriela ran all aspects of that cutting edge eco-conscious business. It is precisely this kind of hand’s on private sector business experience that make her a quick read on our corporate clients’ insurance needs.

A big fan of the LSU Tigers college football team, Gabriela Rosales also likes to play tennis and listen to music in her free time. Her calm demeanor and easy smile make her a favorite of our clients and CSISA employees alike. Gabriela welcomes your inquires and looks forward to serving you.

Ericka Holmann Chamorro

Ericka Holmann Chamorro, a native of San Juan del Sur, hails from one of Nicaragua’s most respected and well-known families, one that has achieved noted accomplishments in both private and public sectors. Ericka services a broad range of both English and Spanish speaking clientele for CSISA, and her noted professionalism and friendliness are always well received by our customers.

Educated in Nicaragua and Germany, Ms. Holmann’s in-depth experience in Nicaraguan insurance has been enriched by varied work in the financial services industry, corporate event organization, marketing and broadcasting. Ericka brings our company extensive first-hand knowledge of the particularities of Nicaragua’s spectacular Rivas coastline from the Costa Rica border to Tola both as a developer and insurance specialist.

Ericka Holmann is a mother of three children and understands first hand both personal and professional issues that confront our clients in Nicaragua. Her patience and good humor are equally welcome when buying a policy as they are when making an insurance claim. Ericka welcomes your inquires and looks forward to serving your needs in the near future.

Margarita Caldera

Margarita, is a true insurance multi-tasker. She’s been know to negotiate a renewal for clients personal lines account, while she shepherding a group of insurance company inspectors out to review a different commercial risk… and… end up saving money for both client accounts!

A Managua native, educated in New Orleans at Dominican College, she says working in the insurance industry was the furthest thing from her mind initially. Equipped with a good financial understanding of business, Margarita was previously charged with introducing MasterCard and Visa merchant credit card systems to Nicaragua on a nationwide level.

Her fast pace activity level and attention to detail combined with her overriding interest in providing clients with the best possible price for coverage makes her a natural for this business. Married to José Escalante they own and operate a working cattle ranch are involved in the Nicaraguan beef industry.

W. Mike Newton

Mike Newton, a native of New Orleans, Louisiana, has 32 years of insurance industry experience with clients throughout Latin American and the United States. Mike’s expertise in the insurance industry is not only unparalleled in Nicaragua, but he scope of knowledge is also significantly broader than any other broker in this country since he not only holds a Chartered Life Underwriters (CLU) degree but is also a graduate of the Loyola University Law School and a member of the Louisiana State BAR.

Mr. Newton mixes his industry practice and legal knowledge to provide valuable consulting support to the CSISA staff. As an advisor to CSISA agents, Mike blends his knowledge of US and Nicaraguan insurance to assure that CSISA provides the policy that best suits client needs.

As part of his commitment to making sure the staff at CSISA provides the best service possible to their clients, Mike has continued to support employee insurance education by sending agents to international insurance training seminars where best practices are taught. He continues to add value to the organization and its clients as a senior advisor. Mike is a boating enthusiast and a small aircraft pilot and likes to pass his free time cooking for friends and family.

Heydrud Rivas Solórzano

Heydrud was born in Chontales, Nicaragua and she is characterized by being a very cheerful and sincere person. She works as the office manager as well as handling certain corporate and individual clients in renewals, claims, and billing. She graduated with a degree in Economics from UCA in 2013, where she also won first place among young Economic Researchers at the university. She also completed a one-year post-graduate program in insurance industry studies.  Heydrud loves music and dancing. She spends her free time with her friends, family, and her 3-year-old high energy daughter; Sofia.

Erika Lissette Moya “Lissy”

Erika Lissette Moya “Lissy” was born in Managua. She graduated with honors at UCC in Nicaragua, with a degree in Business Administration. Afterwards, she won a scholarship to study at Leed English Language School in England. She has a competitive, adventurous, and helpful spirit, which allows us to provide a better service to our customers at CSISA. She analyzes existing policies to verify accurate coverage well in advance of renewal dates. She also arranges for and coordinates the third party property appraisals. What’s most important to Erika is to ensure customer satisfaction, which is why she belongs to the CSISA family. During her free time, she likes to read, go out with her family and enjoy life with her friends.

Victoria Vallecillo

Victoria VallecilloVicky is the classic strong silent type of person. An accounting major recently graduated from the Universtty of Managua, she is the “steady hand at the tiller” for all things having to do with, numbers, taxes, and licensing at CSISA Seguros. She started as an intern 3 years ago and has worked her way up to become the chief accountant at the insurance agency. She is a novice sea kayaker, having recently discovered her love of the sport on holiday with her sisters. She is a great CSISA team member.